Thursday, June 19, 2008

Crop Number #%@&*^%#$ - Da Weeds

We have an untapped resource on our Earth. And it's high time that one of our highly creative thinkers found a way to use its astonishing ability to keep on thriving. It is the weed. The weeds in our flower and vegetable gardens appear before any other vegetation and they reappear and reappear two or three times in our short growing season. We pull them and cover them and hoe them under. We snip them and snap them and pop off their seeds. If left to compete with the flowers and vegetables, there is no contest. The weeds grow taller and thicker than any edible.

We don't like the thought of any pesticide or weed killing chemical on our food or in our groundwater, so that is out of the question. We must find a way to use the weed so that it will be a precious commodity. We should assign one highly brain endowed scientist to every prolific weed and let him or her discover all the amazing properties that are built into that weed. Then when the scientist announces the properties of the weed to the drug or energy companies, the companies will send out workers to weed all the gardens in the nation and everyone will live happily ever after.

The pictures show dandelions in the flower beds and grass, quack grass surrounding our raspberry canes and tender weeds amid the newborn lettuce and sugar snap peas.