Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Child is Born

I don't know the statistics. But I would guess that a child is born somewhere in this world, every minute of every day. It means so little until that child is yours. And then, it means the world to you. That little person is suddenly your reason for living, your purpose in life. All your life experiences and the thousands of little lessons you have amassed will go toward keeping your child safe and healthy - healthy in mind, body and emotions. I read a book called, "Embraced by the Light", and in one of the chapters the author describes how the souls in Heaven await their time to be born on Earth with great joy. The souls in Heaven who know the soul about to be birthed are so happy and excited for that soul and I always picture my deceased Mom and Dad and all the relatives that have passed on, cheering when we add another soul to our family. Our second son and his wife are now new parents and they are embarking on that wondrous and awesome journey where their souls are forever entwined with their little one's soul. I won't mention the name of the cutie pie because there are so many scary warnings about things that fiends can do with information from the internet, but they have given him a beautiful and strong name and have honored one who has gone before him in the wife's family. May their parenting be filled with love, joy and loads of common sense.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Spring Flowers on Our Property

A visit by our Green Bay loved ones and some needed rain brought out the blossoms. It's a wondrous time of year as nature awakens!