Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Winter Recess

I ponder and I wonder. Recess - recess - recess. When I was a child, I loved recess. Recess was the part of the school day that I just loved. Instead of focusing on reading, writing and arithmetic, we were released - free to run and jump and laugh. From sitting at attention and endless gathering of information, to ten or fifteen minutes of fun, fun, fun. Jump rope was our usual recess activity, sing-songs and double dutch - sometimes a game of tag or red rover. Recess still has a special glow about it and last week, we had a recess from winter. It was the middle of February and the normal weather for this time of the year would be the teens and twenties and often, below zero. But last week, we had about five days in a row in the mid and high forties. It brought the same kind of inner glee that recess brought - no need for layers of clothing, no icy wind whipping the flesh, the melody of melting snow dripping from the roof. Spring doesn't seem so far away now!............The pix are recent doings here: The grandkids helping us get wood for the wood stove, my 69th birthday party, and skating on the snow free, (thanks to the recess,) lake.