Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Let Us Rejoice and Be Glad

This is the day that the Lord has made. Wow! I've been watching the inaugural activities today and this evening and it's so great to see such happy hopeful people and a leader that appears to really want to better our country and the world. Throughout the day, with more than a million people gathered together in one place, there was no violence, no nasty protesting - just excited people interested in witnessing history. I did a lot of crying whenever the folks talked about how proud they were to see our country come so far as to elect an African American as our president.

They spoke of coming there to honor their folks who had passed and suffered so much with the segregation and discrimination of the past. I remember when I was a little girl in Chicago that so many people spoke with such hatred and disgust about the N------s. It made me very sad and puzzled. I now understand that those people were speaking out of fear and ignorance. Now with such an excellent First Family to follow, many more people will catch on to the fact that America can really be a beautiful patchwork quilt of people and cultures and we can be stronger as each piece is added to the whole. God bless President Obama and America.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sweet Sweet Winter

I skiied over sparkling fields of sugar today.

The sweetest of snows carried my cross country boards.

The warm warm sun deposited Vitamin D upon my aged face

And love of life splashed my ageless soul.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy 2009

Hello. It's been a while. It's that time of year for new beginnings and resolves to change. I've decided to add something to these blogs that I've been a little afraid to do. I'm going to tell about one of the nicest parts of Bing and my lives........... Our son, Tony, gave us a three volume book by Neale Donald Walsh called "Conversations with God." I loved reading it. It is full of glorious and novel thoughts about God and religion. When I try to tell people about the books, the only thing I can remember from them is that God wants us to always act out of love and not out of fear. So, in trying to follow that precept, I thought about why I haven't included blogs about all the excellent time we spend with our five grandchildren. I've been afraid to do that because I thought maybe by identifying them with pictures or descriptions of them, I might set off some cyber creep lurking in the shadows ready to pounce on them and hurt them. But, that now seems a bit far fetched and I will act out of love and share one of the greatest blessings bestowed upon us, ie, the gift of getting to know and be known by the offspring of our children.............We love all five of these unique personalitys but the true very best part of being a grandparent is to see your own children loving to the highest degree and wanting to do the very best job they can do to guide these little gifts entrusted to them. You see your sons with the fiercest of love, trying to attain that balance of joy and discipline that is so necessary to bring forth healthy well formed characters. ...................You know that even though you as parent didn't do everything right, you must have been able to pass on the ability to love and that is monumental. ....................I love being a Grandma but my nature is not to spoil kids. It always annoys me when I hear grandparents say, oh, we love to spoil the grandkids and then send them home, ha, ha, ha. I think of grandparenting as helping the parents raise the children and providing a little respite for the parents when needed. In retirement comes the gift of time and it is so wonderful to fill some of that time with the joyful, imaginative, happy little creatures that are eager for fun in all forms.