Sunday, March 2, 2014

Don;t be a Bladerune

We were on our way to church this morning and we were listening to the NPR show, "Says You".
It was their segment on guessing the definition of a word.  It's a quiz show with lots of humor and lots of intelligence that often slides right past me.  The two competing teams were given a word.  One team is given the real definition of the word and three members of the team present a definition of the word to the other team.  Two of the definitions are made up and one is the correct definition.  All usually sound somewhat believable.  The other team has to confer and decide which definition is the right one.  The two teams have really clever humorous members and they are awfully quick on the draw........I loved today's word - bladerune - I'm not sure of the spelling because I didn't pay attention right away - but I really wanted to remember it because every once in a while I run into a bladerune and it would be so nice to sum up the person with only one word - nice and concise and no need to go further.  A bladerune is a person who talks continuously and unendingly.  The person does not stop to hear your responses or to take a breath or even if you are needing to go.  He or she just talks and talks and talks.  After I heard the word, I really wanted to remember it but I know a word can slip away if you don't use it or see it anywhere.  But I tried to store it in this 72 year old brain anyway..........And lo and behold,  after church when we stopped at the grocery to pick up the Sunday paper and some on sale turkey breasts, there was a bladerune.  Bing was doing the paying part and I was standing next to the baggger.  The bagger immediately talked and talked and talked about her financial stuation, her mother's financial situation, her likes and dislikes and as I tried to empathize and agree and politely respond, there was no stopping the motor moving her mouth.  I truly admire all the very conversant people I know, people who can chat and visit and tell stories but a bladerune is not really like that.  A bladerune is unique.  I think I've only known three in my lifetime but they certainly do remain in the memory - I,m so happy to have a word to identify them.  And I must remember, God loves us all, even the bladerunes.