Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Magic of Summer

Summer's magic is happening here in the northwoods. The lake temperature is 76 degrees now and the water feels great on a hot muggy day like today. The garden is thriving and fruits are ripening. The rhubarb led the way and the cherries are pitted and frozen waiting to be made into pies for guests. Blueberries are next and raspberries will be shortly after that. Sometimes my mind just boggles at the idea that out of grungy grimy earth comes such a variety of food for our bodies. It really makes a lot of sense that our society is growing more and more cognizant of the need to nourish and protect the earth. I think one of the best projects that our nation should work on is the expansion of speedy internet service to rural communities. That way people could spread out from the crowded cities and work from their homes in more open unpopulated areas. They could raise their families with a real connection to the earth and its magical qualities..............The pictures show the last of the cherries, baby Honey Crisp apples and ripening blueberries.