Saturday, December 17, 2011

Summer Chairs, Winter Snow

Stop and rest awhile - wait, these chairs are sitting in the snow. Where did the summer go? When did Fall slip by us. We're singing O Come O Come Emanuel and we're baking Christmas cookies and soon we'll be tapping Maple trees and launching pontoons. The years tumble by us now and our part time neighbor, Fred, says that it's because of all the Nasa launchings of the past several decades. I can't remember the premise of his assertion but he is certain it's true. I don't know why but I do know that time is precious and time is slippery but the cool thing is that in the realm of philosophy, time doesn't exist. When Bing and I got married we adopted a slogan that he and his friends used whenever they were on vacation, ie, "We've got a lot of time." This slogan was meant to slow us down when things got frantic and to remind us that we can take it easy. It worked very nicely. The pictures are: winter weeds, on the trail and summer chairs.