Saturday, January 7, 2012

Pictures from the Last Post

A New Nine Year Old

Our fourth grandchild, Alexa, turns nine today. She's a wonderful child, sweet and loving and strong and pretty. On the birthdays of the grandchildren the last several years, we have taken them shopping and let them pick out their own gifts. It seems to give them a good idea of the value and limits of dollars and the ability to compare and decide what they want the most. But this year Alexa asked if, instead of shopping, we could use the money to go to the Children's Museum with her brother and sister. So, go we did. Yesterday, the five of us drove up to Eagle River, about thirty miles away, and spent almost four hours in a children's paradise. The population of Eagle River is only about 1300, but the museum has been a fixture for many years and is a non-profit venture paid for by donations and admittance. Since our grandkids are home schooled, their folks considered it a field trip and there were only about six to ten other kids there, so they had free rein to all the exhibits and hands on fun. They really could have stayed the whole day but Bing and I caught up on some reading and then pried them loose by offering a lunch at Subway where they each put away a foot long Veggie Delight. Bing took a lot of pictures to comemorate the happy birthday trip and I've included some. They loved the dress up, the ambulance, the wheel chairs and the very well equipped store, complete with scanner at the checkout.