Saturday, October 20, 2012

Grandkids are Greatkids!

How can you describe a love so deep and so pure and so joyous that just thinking about the objects of that love makes you smile with warm delight?  Words cannot adequately convey the love of this grandma toward each and every one of our six grandchildren.  They blow me away with their distinct little personalities, their talents and their ability to love unconditionally.  Our 6 range from almost seventeen to two years old and we have our seventh on the way.  Today we enjoyed a visit from the 14 year old, Jamie, and he has now successfully passed me in height.  He and his dad, Bernie, did some partridge hunting and he practiced throwing the discus for next Spring's track season.  His happy smile is evident in the half face included in the attached pictures.  Later today, when Bing and Bernie were fishing and Jamie was on the way to a Halloween corn maze with old friends, I went to get the mail.  Wow, what a thrill.  There was a letter to Grandpa and Grandma from the two little granddaughters that moved with their mom and dad and little brother from here in Rhinelander to Medford, Or.  They each wrote such loving words about missing us and our special days, about how they love their new neighborhood and how they're already looking forward to our visit next year.  Oh my, my weepy little eyes gushed forth with happy tears!  They're in the accompanying picture with their dad and brother.  The girl on the right in the picture of the three girls, is Kayla, seventeen in another month.  She led the way for the younger ones and has been a fine role model.  And then, the other picture is of the little two year old and his dad, Dan.  We know Ben vicariously through the little vignettes and pictures sent by e-mail and i phones.  We've also had two precious in person visits and will get out to Washington state next year  to get to know him better and to welcome and meet his little brother,  name so far, unknown.  The other picture is our grandcat, Bungee..................Thanks so much, God, for setting up such a complicated, complex, confusing but oh so wondrous system by which we are born into, live with, and get to love our family members.  May your light continue to shine on all of us.