Saturday, May 24, 2008

Crop # 4 Rosy Rhubarb

Spring is here in all its glory and our gardens are being planted. Five nice rhubarb plants are spewing forth stems of nutritious tartness. I don't know if rhubarb can grow in all climates but it surely does flourish up here and one plant could give a family quite a good and cheap source of vitamin C and iron. Maybe there should be a campaign to make rhubarb a daily part of all Americans' lives. All we'd have to do is claim that it removes fat and wrinkles and it would become a hit.

Remember the flowers that spent the winter in our spa room. Well, the picture shows that they thrived and here they are on our deck waiting to be planted around the yard and the meandering path. Bing made the nice cart for the flowers many many years ago.

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Bernie said...

Thanks for bringing us a bit of the natural world.