Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ponder, Ponder - why not Make Some Changes

This whole big economics mess in which the world finds itself brings on the pondering. I'm trying to think ouside the box and that's a little hard for me because that box for me has never been too defined or distinct. ...........But here's my latest thought. 1. People need jobs to earn money to live comfortably. 2.Many people have jobs who already live comfortably and could probably work only half of the hours they do and could give half of their job to someone else who could also get by on half a job. That would mean that all of these people would work twenty hours per week instead of the usual forty. That would free these folks to become more involved with their families, the arts, athletic pursuits, gardening, canning, hunting, fishing and so many other healthy and meaningful uses of time. They would have the time to use their particular God given talents to find ways to survive comfortably on a smaller but sufficient income and time to train themselves to be less of a materialist and more of a contributing citizen of the earth. These lifestyle changes would in turn lead to much less demand for medical services because the stress would be so reduced. ......... I will not turn this into a frightfully long dissertation but let yourself ponder it awhile and see if it has merit............The picture is from Google images . It's an unemployment line somewhere.

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