Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter 2009

It's a happy, hopeful time of year. It's fun to have holidays, holy days and celebrations sprinkled throughout the year. These are days to gather and play out the various traditions. Egg dying and dummy bunny making was fun yesterday when Courtney, Alexa and Eli spent the day with us. It was extra fun because Grandma Milli, who is 96, is visiting. The kids love showing her all their skills and keeping her informed of their activities. We even had a nice walk down Apple Lane with them on their scooters and a tricycle. It's so neat to think of the possible two centuries that could be scanned by Eli, 3, and Milli, 96 - what changes and amazing transitions from horses and buggies to who knows what?! Happy Easter everybody and may the risen Lord within us fill us with joy and gratitude and enlightening thought!