Monday, June 8, 2009

This and That

Our spring is moving along fast here at Lakeside Gardens. The garden is planted but we've had several nights that the temperature has gone down to 34 and 33, so close to freezing! But, thank God, not to that killing frost. It warms up to the 5o's and 60's during the day so the veggie and flower sprouts are poking through the black earth.

Bing and I really hustled this spring. Our deadline to get things done was May 30th, when the four fishermen from Milwaukee would be arriving for a week's stay. We planted and cleaned and helped Tony and Carmen with some dump hauling as they made their move from one house to another. The boats were put back in the water after their winter siesta. We also helped stimulate the economy by replacing our non working whirlpool tub with a new one and by getting some new living room furniture. Now, we're living with just one vehicle since the car has been at the shop for a week and they can't figure out what's wrong with it. Maybe we'll have to look for another good used one. Life is never static - we and the universe are always in motion.

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