Monday, July 27, 2009

Cherries, Pea Pods. Blueberries and Death

Our garden is outstanding this year. It's 2 or 3 weeks behind but it's picture perfect. We think it's because we actually weeded it well, right from the start. It's one of the worst growing seasons in decades, weatherwise - cold, cold nights - cool, cool days and not much rain. But Bing has a pump in the lake, a hose up the hill and sprinklers placed just right - so the water has been ample. This week we're picking pea pods, baby beets, Romaine lettuce, kohlrabi, cherries and blueberries. We have another half of summer to go, so we think the other crops will come in.

I worked at church today on a funeral luncheon. The parish women have a system to help the family of a deceased member feed the mourners after the service and cemetery. The family can pick from a variety of entrees, salads, fruits, potato dishes, and cakes. We prepare the food, set up the tables, serve and then clean up. The family just pays for the food. Today we served, shredded turkey and gravy on rolls, scalloped potatoes, veggie trays and dips, cole slaw, fruit trays and marble cake. It's fun to work with the women and we eat together after the others are served. The families really appreciate it and it helps all of us feel closer.

I didn't know the deceased lady but I felt a closeness to her because she was 67, like me, she had 3 children, like me, and she and her husband owned a nusery and landscape business, so she must have loved plants and gardens and nature's bounty. It was an unexpected death. She just had a successful hip surgery and was in the recovery room talking to her husband and kids and said she wanted to nap. Later they couldn't wake her. She died. They did an autopsy but don't yet know the cause of death. It set me to thinking, which almost anything does, because I have an inquiring mind. 67 is just too young to go. I have just begun to understand so many things and each day I find so many more things I want to know and do, My faith tells me that JoAnn's, the deceased lady,) number was up and her spirit lives on but I do so hope my body and spirit live on and on here on Earth until I'm so tired that I need a rest. May she rest in peace.

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