Saturday, August 7, 2010

We Went to the County Fair

I think the title to this posting is the first line of some poem or song but I don't know any other lyrics but we did go to the county fair yesterday and it was fun. We forgot the camera but maybe you can reach back into your own memory bank and picture a small town fair. But our fair had a bit of uniqueness because instead of being held in a plain gravel or blacktopped setting it was held in Rhinelander's Pioneer Park which is set in a stand of huge pines with a curving path through the pines. The carnival midway was on the softball diamond and the tennis courts were turned into an exhibition hall by huge tents. The county and fair planners did an excellent job of mapping out the park and making room for everything fair goers could wish for but not making it too large to navigate comfortably. Bing and I took the three local grandchildren, Courtney, 11, Alexa, 7, and Eli, 5. The fair is free and that made it especially nice to realize that the whole county could have access to it - there were things to see and do at all turns that didn't require admission and provided fun and education. As all kids do, ours liked the rides the best and the minature donuts came in second but hugging Smokey the Bear, watching a horse trainer put his beautiful Morgan mare through her tricks, seeing the Rhinelander Dance team perform, making paper at a Paper Mill booth, watching medeival reenactors joust, visiting an Indian village, and seeing all the blue ribbon 4H projects and pets kept them and us busy and excited. The kids could have lasted many more hours than we did but we squeezed in quite a lot and even had a trolley ride back to the parking lot a few blocks away. Long live the county fairs!

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Bernie said...

Upon reading your first line, I set out to find your poem, and was inspired though I found this humorous poem first - and upon finishing your story, I marvel at the fully-formed County Fair that Oneida seems now to have. Thanks for sharing.