Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Poetry of Life

Life is a poem - it has rhythm and grace. It has phrases that have no decipherable meaning and it has momentous meaning. It roars and it softly tickles the bottom of your feet. It moves swiftly toward a conclusion but doesn't give you time to really figure everything out. I like these words from Mary Oliver's poem, "When I Am Among the Trees" - ....never hurry through the world but walk slowly and bow often." I also like these words from Rabbi Rami Shapiro: "When you admit to life's complexity and to your unknowing, you discover you need do nothing with your life except live it - humbly, simply, kindly, and justly - trusting in life to offer you one opportunity after another to make the world a little better for you having been born into it. Nothing confusing about that.".............Well, Bing and I have been doing just that since I last added to the mish mash of this blog........We've had a visit with my brother,Paul, and his wife, Marianne. It's always fun to be with them because we've shared so much of life with them

through the years. There's a picture of the four of us attached. We look like the tribal elders that we are but inside there still lie the hearts of little kids.....souls in the latter part of their luminous journey on this beautiful Earth, but still souls with so much to learn.......There are pictures of two of our granchildren next to their lockers at school. We were treated to a wonderful Grandparents' Day at their kindergarten and 2nd grade classes. That was so great to see them so excited about the beginning of their education............We also had a visit from two good friends who like to come in the Fall and fish and visit. John is from Montana and Paul is from Arizona. It was a bit nippy while they were here so one picture shows Arizona Paul all dressed up in winter clothes to fend off the unArizona temperatures. We really laugh a lot and eat a lot when we have these visitors. They both live alone so it's fun to cook for such appreciative eaters. The picture with the tripod shows how the guys cook their french fried potatoes and walleyes over the campfire. It's a shore lunch in the backyard! ...........Well I think I'll post this and get back to "slowly walking and bowing often."

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Bernie said...

Yes, many happy souls in these photos.

And I must say, age is of no consequence. We live until we die. Youth is just more commonly associated with exuberance and vitality; and sadly, many let these qualities fade from their lives. Elders have added the cultivation of balance to their character through the infusion of many experiences.

So, I say, children: see the wisdom of the dynamic mature.

And children: strive onward, always keeping level in your mind; though the winds may buffet you, hold steadfast your body against the storms of this world.