Monday, June 3, 2013

Love - A Many Splendored Thing

Love is precious.  Love is a gift.  Long long ago, Bing's Mom and Dad introduced their baby girl, Susan, to Bing and his older brother, Paul.  Bing was almost 8 and Paul was almost 9.  Love blossomed with these siblings and still flourishes.  The picture shows Bing and Sue on the deck.  Sibling love is a special kind of love.  It comes from all the shared family experiences and the intimate day to day exposure to each other.  It's fun, as the years go by, to examine the likenesses and differences between the siblings.  Certain traits from the mom and certain traits from the dad are evident and having decades to watch makes it easy to identify them. It's a comfort after your parents are gone to still have a connection to the family and all those days long ago when you ate and drank and housed together. Enjoy your siblings!

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