Friday, April 4, 2014

Mother Nature Must Be Sleeping

I have a feeling Mother Nature is asleep at the switch.  It's April 4th, a time for tulips and daffodils and warm warm sunshine.  There should be puddles to splash in and vees of geese barking their way north.  The lake should be melting toward it's liquification.  Bing should be stomping through the snow dappled woods gathering buckets of sap and amassing them for a chosen day to boil away the water and watch the sweet amber liquid appear.  But, alack and alas, the snow is falling.  The tree limbs are laden with snow and the town plow is wending its way through our winter weary roads.  The prediction is for 8 to 12 inches and it's the heavy stuff.  Any other year, this scenario would give us the right to whine and complain and crank, crank,crank.  But this year the TV has shown us Mother Nature, not only asleep at the switch,  but angry and vicious - there were ice storms and earthquakes, tornadoes and mudslides and wildfires.  Our extra long winter doesn't compare to the devastation of those events.  So no complaining - just a wish for spring to make its lovely and long awaited appearance.           The pictures show our stained glass cardinal against the snow encased Yew tree and some geraniums started inside and hoping to go outside!


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