Saturday, September 29, 2007

Can You Love a Word?

Long long time ago, in grade school, I was taught that one cannot love inanimate objects. One can only like them. But I really do love a good word that has precise meaning and fits a situation to a T. Or is it Tee or Tea. I don't know and it makes me wonder what that means. To a T!??
Well I probably could find out by calling an NPR program called, " A Way with Words". On Sundays when we're heading to town for Church, between nine and ten am in this time zone, there are a couple of wordsmiths answering callers' questions about words and phrases and their meanings. It's a lot of fun to hear how different sayings evolved and hear such interesting words explained. Our family has always stopped to congratulate each other when a particularly apt word comes flowing into a conversation. A choice word can be as succulent as a ripe peach on a summer day or as discombobulating as a winter pothole.