Tuesday, September 11, 2007

We've been Assaulted

We're reeling up here from a punch to the gut by the weather. Three days ago we were frolicking in the sun, (elderly frolicking, that is, like doing water exercises in the lake with a foam tube and fishing in the noon day sun.) Tonight we're huddled inside like eskimos in an igloo, with our first woodburner fire of the Fall and frost warnings beeping on the TV every few minutes. We usually escape the first frost but always know that it means gather all those perishable garden goodies like green beans and cucumbers and tomatoes - it won't be long before they are history. I picked seven gallons of green beans this afternoon and they'll keep in the refrigerator until I can and freeze them. Of course, it'll have to be pretty soon because we have to get through five big Walmart bags of them to get at anything else in there.

The first picture is of a Maple leaf that lay upon the drive down to the lake. Its beauty belies the fact that it shouted profanities about the end of summer and all its warmth and bounty. It and its friends will beguile us with blazing color and then denude our oaks and maples and birches and drop to the cold ground.

Picture number three is our apple tree of the year - our MVP of our mini orchard, the Cortland, juicy and crisp and always prolific. When our fire of' '88 came close to it, it scorched some branches and we didn't know if it would survive, but it certainly did. Carmen loves these.

Picture number two is the rookie tree of the year, a McIntosh, quite young but already putting out some large tasty treats.

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