Saturday, December 29, 2007

An Aha! Moment

If you're a reader of O magazine - that's a magazine published by Oprah Winfrey - you may have noticed that they have a column monthly called "My Aha Moment". It's usually written by some celebrity and in it he or she narrates a moment in their lives where something dawned on them and it led to greater understanding and usually was followed by a change in behavior or a new compassion toward others or even just a real pleasure at realizing a connection between cause and effect that had never occurred to them before. Well, this morning as I walked outside in the beauty of God's winter world, I had an aha moment. I was pondering why I so very much enjoyed this fluffy white cold stuff that so many people cuss and growl at and spend mega bucks to escape. When I tromp in it and sled on it and ski on it and even fall into it, I love it. I like it's cool feel on my warm flesh and the way it can be formed into balls and figures , the way it piles onto branches and rocks and weeds and presents undulating waves and depths across the landscape. The aha came when I likened the way I feel in it to the way I feel in water. In the summer, all these thirty five years that we've lived on this lake, my main delight has been to get in the lake as often as possible and just move around in the water and enjoy its liquid caress. And zap - then I realized - snow is water. Aha!!!! Who knew that this was just a continuation of my love affair with water - wow ! My wish for all of you who read this is that in this coming new year of 2008, may you have plenty of aha moments. They keep us alive and alert and ever grateful for life.

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