Monday, February 2, 2009

Our January Grandchild

I'm a little late with this because it isn't January anymore, but I'd like to introduce our January grandchild. The pictures are of Alexa. She turned six on January 7th. You've probably heard people sometimes try to identify what kind of an animal they would be if they were an animal. Well, I think Alexa would be a soft cuddly little lamb. She is sweet and kind and giggly. But just as little lambs kick up their heels and sprong from place to place, Alexa loves to run and jump and swing and play. Her imagination and creativity easily fill her hours and she has taken to kindergarten just like Mary's Little Lamb of old. Six years ago there was a brilliant sunset on the day of her birth and it heralded the illumination that she has brought into this world of ours.

Thank you God, for Alexa!

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