Saturday, February 14, 2009

Two Deaths This Week

Two friends died this week and death always sets me to pondering. I wonder when it is that you know more dead people than you do living. I wonder if the dead can read your mind after death and see what you thought of them. I wonder if they have some sort of soul device that lets them tune back into the earthly world and see how things are going. I really believe that our souls live on after death. But the greatest of all mystery writers, God, keeps the suspense of what comes next, pretty close to the vest...........One of the recently departed was our dentist and a neighbor on our lake. He was 67 and still in practice, eagerly awaiting the graduation of his daughter from Marquette Dental School. She was going to join his practice and now will take it over - a sad surprise indeed. He died at his home after cross country skiing. He was always kind to us and did great dental work - may he rest in peace. ...........The other friend was a widower and 72. He worked at Bing's office for over 25 years. I remember clearly, not too long ago, thinking, wow, 72, that's a good long life and he got to be an old man. But now, 67 myself, that seems so young,

that there is so much more to learn and so much more to do, why so young? Death is definitely a memo to the living: Take each day as the gift it is and seize it!

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Bernie said...

Amen to that.

And peace be with Collin and Jim and their families and friends.