Friday, February 12, 2010

Patience Please

Wow, it's been over a month and I haven't posted a thing. Any faithful readers are probably thinking that I've run out of words. But no, I'm just patiently trying to figure out all our new high falutin' technological wonders. Talk about adapting to change!!! Holy moley, a while back our camera ceased working except for pictures without a flash so I wasn't able to have pictures readily able to add to the blog. And I do really like pictures with a blog. It eliminates the need for a thousand words since a picture is worth that. Plus, we bought a new desktop computer and a laptop computer and our brain circuitry has not been so challenged in decades as we try to get all the little nuances of working these things learned. We'd be nowhere at all with them if son, Tony, had not spent most of a day connecting the various router, printer and basic software, security ware, etc. Bing has already established the ability to send photos from our new and advanced camera but I'm not there yet, so this posting will be naked, that is, without pictures.
We bought the laptop so that we'd be able to communicate and keep up with the world when we travel in our camper so we brought it along on our two short trips that we've taken. The hotels where we stayed had wifi so I thought we would be able to e-mail but now we know that our does not serve very far away so I think we have to get on hotmail. Another alien world to conquer! Wish us well, please, and I hope to get back to casual blogs with pictures before too long.

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Bernie said...

My mind has a music track, and rarely is it empty. Sometimes the strength of a song outweighs its applicability. This song applies one in a smirky/jokey manner, but it pushed its way to the front of my consciousness because of the boldness of the emotions it carries upon its waves.