Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sing a Song

A young mortician in town is a real go getter. (I think that's in their job description, to get to know their potential customers.) He's involved with every festival and fundraiser, is the Grand Knight of our Knights of Columbus, plays the piano and sings at church and is an active member of a barbershop quartet. He decided to start a male chorus from the Knight's members and sent out an e-mail to everyone that might be interested. He made it quite easy because they will only sing at church about once a month, the practices will be 45 minutes before the singing Mass and they would use the church hymnals with familiar songs. I am proud to say that my husband with a gifted voice who has burst into song throughout our forty years of marriage, has joined and today they sang at church for the second time and they sounded magnificent. I really hope now that their next time up will be when his 97 year old mom will be visiting next month. She'll be so proud of her sonny boy and will join me with tears of happiness!