Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Story to Tell

Last Sunday I was reading the newspaper in the living room and Bing had the History Channel on TV. It must have been a marathon of UFO stories because I was repeatedly captivated by various and sundry tales of alien encounters and unexplainable occurences. I've always been a believer in the fact that there are other intelligent beings out there but I've also always been charged with believing anything anyone ever tells me. Ie, too much naivete for my age. Howsoever, it started me thinking that I'd better get my story about a possible alien encounter down so that, later on, when our science catches up to the others and much is revealed about alien encounters of the past people won't say I'm just a Johnny Come Lately, making up a tall tale..............So, here we go. The picture above is of our bedroom window. This house was built in 1988 and this tale was after we were empty nesters, which would take it into 1993. It was around the first of May of whatever year it was and it was a Saturday. Bing was staying overnight up North on an opening of fishing season trip. Now remember, this is not much of a story and it would never make it past the scrutiny of the naysayers and cynics, but it is what it is, my story. I was lying in bed and looked out the window. About half way up the tree in the foreground there is a large branch extending toward our house. I remember seeing what looked like the shadow of a flying saucer parked on that branch. I distinctly remembered thinking, hah, they weren't so smart, they had the capability to make their vehicle invisible but they didn't relize that it would still cast a shadow. Then, the next thing I knew, I was awake but I couldn't move my fingers, they were absolutely stiff. I was able to walk and went right to the bathroom sink and ran water on them and coaxed them back to normal. I looked out to see if the shadow was still there but it wasn't. A coincidental occurence was a very strange wound on the back side of my left thigh. It was a perfectly circular wound, not like a bug bite or a scrape, just a perfect circle and it healed , not with a nice crusty scab like a common wound, but it just healed with no scab. That's about it, never saw the shadow again, never had stiff hands again and never had a wound like that again.........When I tried to think what might have happened. maybe they had just arrived when I accidentally saw their ship, maybe I awoke from whatever feezing they did of me a little prematurely and maybe they had to dig into me to do some experimentation. Or maybe they just suck blood from the fattest part of a human specimen. I don't think our sons will have some alien coming up to them, saying, hey, we're half siblings, because my egg supply was pretty much gone by then.............Well, that's it. I feel a little blessed to remember even this and I feel a little stupid conveying it, but what the heck, we is who we is, as Popeye or maybe Forrest Gump said.

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Bernie said...

And as they also say, the truth is out there. The more you convey clearly, the easier it will be for us to understand. Thanks.