Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lovin' Easter

Easter is all about love. Jesus rose from the dead to give us all a gift unrivaled since. And this year I loved Easter. The fun started early Saturday when Tony and his kids arrived, Bernie and his kids awakened, Grandpa made the favorite breakfast of all five grandkids - pancakes! Then the day proceeded with egg dying, Easter decorating, sap boiling, friends visiting, a movie and Tony and Carmen going out with their high school friends and all five grandkids staying overnight. Sunday it was Easter Mass complete with lots of alleluias, Carmen's Mom, Karen, joined us for the egg hunt and basket finding, the meal and lots of joyful fun. We are so blessed to have a family. It is so great to see the grandkids growing into such fine people and having a good time doing it. It may seem like bragging but I think the five kids are the nicest kids on the planet. Grandmas have a right to brag!

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