Saturday, April 17, 2010

Visiting the Elders

We took a little trip this week. We headed to Minneapolis to do a little visiting with Bing's mom, 97, and his Uncle Ray, 93. Bing's sister, Sue, and her husband, Dan, live there too so we spent some time with them. Sue has that artistic gene, like her Uncle Ray, so she has the prettiest front yard in the whole neighborhood. She's had awards from the city the last few years for her displays........Their metropolitan area has broadband so we continued our experiment with the laptop, trying to figure out how to get internet access before we go atraveling this summer. But no such luck. This time we were able to get a good signal right in the parking lot pf Grandma Milli's apartment building but still couldn't figure out how to access the internet. I was going to try to send the accompanying pictures right from there but instead I'm writing this back home.............We did bring the laptop into Uncle Ray's nursing home and showed him some family pictures that he enjoyed. He's pretty frail and in pain now and needs long term care. Plans are in the works to empty his house and sell it and his belongings. He says he's ready to meet Jesus and that he is really appreciative of all the care and support he receives from his two nieces and one nephew who live nearby. Bing and Dan and John looked at several nursing homes and decided on one where he will have his own room and bathroom and enough space to display some of his artwork. He still loves to sketch and we saw some beautiful pencil portraits that he had done on regular printer paper - if only that talent could be bottled and somehow applied to others................Milli is still doing fine in her apartment and so appreciative that she still has the quality of life she has........Sue, Bing, Milli and I spent several hours in the casino on Wednesday but Sue and I were the only winners - about thirty dollars each.

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