Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hello Again

It's 2011 already and today was a good day! I had to go get my driver's license renewed. I passed the eye test and am still alowed to drive for another eight years without retesting. I feel like my eyes are still as good as ever but somehow the test scares me.........I'm inserting some pictures just to show some of the highlights of the past several weeks. One is a picture of the three Rhinelander grandchildren on a "special day" here. That day they had a dvd movie to watch so they set up theater seating in the living room. Notice the furry bear movie patrons joining them for the viewing..............Another pic shows Eli dragging our Christmas tree home for grandpa and me. Bing started the sawing of the tree on the hillside and Eli sawed the rest. It looked real nice all dressed up with lights and is our beautiful baby grandson out in Washington. He seemed enthralled with Santa..............The odd one is a picture of one of my favorite things to do. It shows the tools for darning and some of the socks worked on. Darning socks has made a comeback - it's a "green" thing because it keeps the socks usable rather than feeding them to a landfill. Also, it seems like such a waste when there is a hole in the heel but the rest of the sock is perfectly fine. Bing and I wear acrylic socks or wool socks so I use acrylic sport yarn to do the darning. We don't like cotton socks because they feel too rough. The darning reminds me of restringing racketball rackets which I used to do as part of my job too.

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