Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tense Times

Bing has had knee pain in his right knee since the eighties and he decided to consult an orthopedic doctor and see what he could do to eliminate that pain. After x-rays and examination, the doctor reported that the cartlage on the inside of the knee was worn away and the pain was being caused by bone on bone instead of bone on cartilage. A partial knee replacement was reccomended. So, after deliberation, Bing decided for the option. The surgery was scheduled for January 27th so about three weeks ago, we made a concerted effort to have Bing in the healthiest state we could so that he would have the best chance to have a successful outcome. We stopped going to places where he might pick up some cold or flu virus, like church and casinos. He stopped bowling so the knee would not be swollen or inflamed for the surgery and he even stopped alcohol intake so the blood would be ready for the various medications that would be given. It seemed to all pay off because he came through the surgery swimmingly and he's very conscietiously doing all the exercises and therapy prescribed. His doctor seemed very happy with the after surgery x-ray and thinks Bing should regain full range of motion with the knee. We had a lot of prayers from friends and relatives and we thank them and God for guiding us through these tense times. The future looks so bright, we may have to wear shades! The pictures show the leg with "yes" written on it before surgery, ( that's to help the doc get the correct leg,) , the T&C family visiting, a happy Bing after surgery and The brace that was needed just the first hours after surgery because of the nerve block they did. ( Now he's cruising around on crutches. )

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