Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Flower of the Day

I've been building and walking a "meandering path" around our lot for several years now and that walking time in my day is essential to peace and tranquility and a growth in spirituality. The highlights of the path are the various flowers that poke through the earth's surface and smile their helloes through the rocks and ferns that grow there naturally. I plant and weed and water in droughts but there is no perfection to the flower arrangements. But I think I'll try to do a flower feature every now and then. Today's flower feature is the Lupine. I'm starting with it because it's Bing's favorite flower. As far as I know, it's the only flower he has ever noticed or commented about so that struck me as it being a very special flower. The reason he loves it is because whenever he and his fishing friends would go to Canada in the spring, the lupines would cover the Canadian hillsides and fields. He even brought home seeds for us to get some started and they are quite prolific. Their drawback is that they only flower for a short time in the spring but when they do, they shine!.

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