Monday, June 13, 2011

This and That

Well, time is flying by again and I thought I'd better get back to this because it must be annoying for folks to keep checking in and there's nothing new...........So, I thought I'd just list some of the things that have kept us busy the last few weeks - 1. Once the ice leaves the channel, it's time for the boat covers to be put back on the frames and for the boats to get back in the water. 2. The big garden and the raised beds and the muck bed down the hill all get rototilled and ready for planting. 3. The fences that were protecting the cedar trees and the raspberry patch from winter hungry deer are taken down. 4. The flower beds and asparagus patch get weeded. 5. The A-Frame must be cleaned. 6. We clean the house a bit better than usual because we have four fishermen stay in the house with us for a week. 7. This year we cleaned and painted one of the bathrooms. 8. Bing gets all his fishing gear back in catching form. 9. Bing has also been cutting, gathering and splitting a woodshed full of oak firewood from the neighbor's acreage. He likes to get it while the days are still cool. 10. The garden gets planted and the pump that pumps water from the lake for the garden, gets put in place. 11. We whack the weeds around all the gardens and flower beds with the gas powered weed whacker. 12. Bing mows the grass as much as needed. 13. We always find time to play with our grandchildren, visit casinos and pray to our benevolent God. The spring is busy but most of the items are done out in our beautiful outdoors. The energy of the forest air transfers to our bodies and minds and fills us with vitality.

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