Saturday, February 16, 2013

Gratitude Attitude

I'm feeling very grateful today.  Maybe it's a feature of getting older and wiser, (just turned 71,)  or maybe it's an overwhelming appreciation for all the wonders of this world of ours.  In particular, I'm feeling especially grateful to whomever invented the pressure canner and the science of canning.  I guess I could google it and find out who, long ago, decided that there should be a way to preserve the goodness and edibility of the food which we usually harvest in summer and would like to eat all year round.  I like to connect to that soul and say, thank you, thank you, thank you.  I do quite a bit of communicating with other souls from the past.  I don't know if they are listening but it's fun to meditate and thank all the different ones who spent their lives trying to make things better for the ones who would come after them.  Just think if that person hadn't taken the time to figure out the canning process.  It'd be a lot harder to subsist on fresh food, especially in our northern region...........The event that started me on this thought was a trip to our "root cellar" in the garage.  Many of the apples we picked last fall are now wrinkled and not as much fun to eat as when just picked.  So, I started making apple sauce and canned it.  I put it in 8 oz jars so we don't open a bigger jar and then forget about it and let it rot in the refrigerator.  It's so nice to still be able to use the fruit and without the pressure canner, it wouldn't be possible.  The pictures show the miracle of the apple blossom,  Bing picking the apples and the finished product.  You rah, rah, canning!

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