Sunday, March 17, 2013

Top o the Mornin'

It's nearly noon so I'd better get this going or I won't be able to use the Irish greeting!  Tis a lovely day here in Crescent Flats.  The sun is shining brightly and the temp has climbed to 14.  Last year on St. patty's day, we had 78 degrees and today, we started out at 13 below zero!  Our hardy Irish ancestors would probably put a little more peat on the fire and raise a glass of stout to the unpredictability of our weather.  So do we, but Bing will have the stout and I'll settle for Diet Dr. O'Pepper..........I'm in green but my fair Hungarian spouse is donned in red so that we can cheer our beloved Badger Men's basketball team to a victory in the Big Ten Championship tournament.  I think even non basketball fans would get a kick out of the UW team because our coach Bo Ryan, is quite unique in the world of college basketball powerhouses.  He doesn't go after the tallest, strongest super high school standouts.  He seems to want intelligent, persevering, team minded individuals who have the tenacity to learn and grow and graduate.  If these individuals also have great athletic ability and super skills, all the better because by the time they get to be seniors, they've reached a high degree of capability and they provide great entertainment for their loyal fans.  Here's to the Badgers!!!!!