Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Angels in the Snow

All little children born in the northern states are introduced to making snow angels.  A person just flops to one's back and waves one's arms and legs on the snow covered ground, back and forth in nice large arcs.  Then, as a child can do,  one hops up and admires the large snow angel left behind.  It's fun but Bing and I had occasion to have real angels help us in the snow.  It was about ten days ago.  We were all lined up to make our annual trek to the nearby maple woods to tap, (drill holes), in the chosen trees so that we could insert the spiles and hang the bags to collect the sap to produce some maple syrup.  Last year was a devastating one for maple syrup production because of record setting warmth and we hoped to make up for it this year.  The trouble was that this spring is setting records in the opposite direction and we still have about 24 to 30 inches of snow in the woods. It's hard to walk in deep snow and we weren't sure we'd get all 65 spiles in, even if we divided the task into a few separate events.  Then, the heavenly intervention occurred.  Bernie, our son, Jamie, our grandson and Matthew, Jamie's friend, offered to help.  Wow, what a gift.  The boys ran through the snow like it wasn't there, they stomped the paths and climbed trees in between assignments.  Bernie helped Bing with the drilling and placement of bags and all 65 spiles were inserted with paths stomped from tree to tree and out to the ATV trail.  We are so grateful for this angelic help and when the tasty sweet treat comes to fruition we'l be sure to share with them.  Thanks, angel guys!!

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