Friday, May 17, 2013

Where in the World are Grandpa and Grandma? Wear Your Blinders if You're Afraid of Heights!

Breathtaking scenery and world class skiing make this state a prime tourist destination.  A famous singer has the capital city as his name.  The territory was claimed for Spain in 1706 but it entered the union on August 1st, 1876, the 38th state.There are more than 1000 mountain peaks over 10,000 feet high and 54 peaks towering over 14,000 feet.  Condominiums and cabins line the valleys below the popular ski areas and roads  and tunnels through rock and around sheer cliffs speak of past engineering marvels.  This state was once primarily a mining and agricultural state but its economy is now driven by the services industry - medical providers and other business and professional services.  It has a strong manufacturing base also with food products, printing and publishing, machinery and electrical instruments.  The primary crops are livestock, corn, hay and wheat.

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