Friday, May 17, 2013

Where in the World are Grandpa and Grandma? You Don't Need a Salt Shaker Here!

This is a state with only four letters in its name.  It has a great huge lake in which it is very easy to float.  It was the 45th state to enter the union and that was on January 4th, 1896.  The region was explored for Spain by Franciscan friars in 1776 and then in 1847, Mormons who were fleeing religious persecution in the eastern United States and the midwest, settled and began the capital city.  The state has varied topography, beautiful mountains and awesome multicolored canyons and arches, great salt basins and stretches of sand.  It is a state rich in natural resources, a leading producer of copper, gold, silver, lead, zinc, potassium salts, molybdenum, oil and natural gas.  The top agricultural products are cattle, calves and dairy products.  Every January it hosts the Sundance independent film festival, the largest film festival in the nation.

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