Sunday, August 26, 2007

A kid at Heart

The big kid in the picture is James, my husband. The little kid in the picture is James, my oldest grandson. James the husband is usually called Bing by family and friends. Today was his sixty fifth birthday and James the lesser is soon to become nine years old. One of the biggest surprises in my life, which I suppose an awful lot of people have known before me, is that even though we age in body, the mind retains its youthfulness. Suddenly you are the elders of the tribe and you still feel like one of the young ones. I think it's just fine but sometimes I notice a snicker or two coming from younger people when they see us being silly. Maybe that's why grandparenting is so much fun - the grandkids don't really have expectations about what someone your age should or should not do - they just want to have fun - and if these old codgers can provide it - they're AOK. Most people accept the Happy Birthday Song sung to them once at a birthday and they are grateful for it. But not Bing, he demanded it be sung again with much more gusto and he conducted it like it was a concerto. He also made sure he blew out all those candles in one blast so he could have his wish of a new fishing boat. I love him and always will.

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