Saturday, August 11, 2007

To blog or not to blog

Whether it be nobler to suffer the guilt of never having communicated enough to satisfy one's cohorts or to blog and bore them to death. This was the question meandering through my mind for the last couple of months. Bernie offered to teach Bing and/or me to create a blog site. I think all of our sons would have bet that Bing would be the one to try it because he has always been the main communicater in our family. I'm more of a blurter - many times I say the wrong thing at the wrong time. But here I go. I decided that it's probably better to offer a glimpse into our life to those who care and the beauty of the blog is that you don't really find out if they care or not. They, ie the recipients, can either read it or not read it and no hard feelings if they don't. The two most compelling reasons for me trying this is that I have very much enjoyed reading Bernie's and Carmen's blogs. I especially like the pictures and I tried to include one with this posting, ( that's a blog term!) I guess I already need a refresher course from Bernie on how to call up the pictures from our computer. My mind must have been meandering when he was showing me that.

The thought for today, in case you have any time to ponder something. What if there had been blogging in Shakespeare's time? Would we have his works of art? Will blogging do away with new classics?


Bernie said...

Sounds good. Keep the ideas and news flowing. I'll show you the picture posting sequence again.

SKORCH Magazine said...

Nice to see you have a blog!

I do wonder how the Internet has changed the way we communicate and get things such as written classics. On one hand, families don't communicate in person-to-person as much. But on the other, it's great for those of us living so far away from each other.

I imagine Shakespeare still would've written. Just like Danny or Gary, when the urge to write strikes, they must do it.

Cori Ronyak said...

Oh, by the way, it was me who posted as "Skorch Magazine." Sorry about that; I was logged in under that account. -Cori