Friday, August 17, 2007

"Special Days" are oh so Special

Today was a "special day". That's the name we gave to the one day a week that we've been hosting our grandchildren here at our house since Michaela and her mom and dad moved here in 1996. As each of the next four grandchildren were born, they were added to the fun. It has been a wonderful way to get to know each of the five and for them to get to know us. What a privilege to have the trust of their parents and to help mold these little characters. And what characters they are, each a unique and precious soul, with such loving hearts and talents up the wazoo. Grandparenting is such a bonus of having a family and as so many things in life have surprised this clueless one, it was a most wonderful surprise.

Today's fun included, blackberry picking (Jamie and Grandpa), they got two thirds of an ice cream bucket, making stamped greeting cards, (Kayla and Grandma), volleyball serving practice for Michaela, ping pong games, grilled cheese sandwiches and strawberry lemonade,

tubing behind the pontoon boat, washing our red truck and lots of laughing and talking. We always talk about missing Courtney and Alexa and Eli but we know they'll be coming here next summer on vacation and we'll have some very special days then.

We forgot to take pictures today so I've added the flower pictures for a little color. The sunflowers are "volunteers - ie, they sprung up from sunflower seeds that fell from the bird feeder.
I'm not sure where that map came from but I think I'll leave that in since it may take me a while to get rid of it and replace it with the flowers. I'm still a rookie!

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Carmen Ronyak said...

I know our children miss special days very much! Yesterday, Alexa said that she misses grandma and grandpa. Courtney, Alexa, and Eli will be so excited to be in Rhinelander next summer!!!!