Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Crop # 12 Firewood for the Future

Not a garden crop but a very important crop since we've lived here in the Northwoods. Every summer Bing has provided us with enough hardwood firewood to warm the house for the following year. Actually, he always stays a year ahead so that the wood can dry for a year since burning moist wood can be dangerous. Since we don't own forested acreage, he's always on the lookout to scavenge downed trees or prune someone's woods. He has offten placed ads in the newspaper saying that he'll cut trees for people if he can have the firewood. We've never lacked for enough wood to keep the house toasty warm through the thirty six winters that we've been here. It's a lot of hard work to down the trees, cut and split the logs into firebox size, load the truck and then unload the truck when he gets back home but I'm pretty sure it's one of the main reasons that he is still a powerfully strong and healthy man. Our three boys were an integral part of the wood gathering process throughout their youth too and all have the muscles and work ethic that reflect it. I'll put it in this record right now to thank all four of these loving men for all the hard work they put in to keep the home fires burning. May everyone have the comfort of warmth when the winds are blowing cold.

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Bernie said...

You're welcome.

I'll admit I didn't care for the work as a boy, but now I enjoy harvesting these fuel cells.