Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Crop #14, Kohlrabi - Continued from Crop #13

Well, well, well. The picture of Kohlrabi is back with the green bean posting. Somehow, when I went back to edit that last blog, I cut off the paragraph about kohlrabi and it just disappeared into cyberspace - so here goes again. Kohlrabi is a strange looking member of the cabbage family and ergo, an excellent fighter of cancer. It looks like a sattelite growing out of the ground. It comes in green and purple variety but both are white on the inside. Its texture is crunchy like a radish and we like it raw. We peel it and slice it into chunks . It's a short timer in the garden and not too many people know about it but whomever tries it, likes it. It's one of those summer treats, like corn on the cob or a tasty tomato. Yum yum!

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