Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Crop #13 Green Beans Galore

Today Bing picked five more quarts of those pea pods and about four gallons of green beans. That was only one row of two and a half rows of beans. He'll get the rest tomorrow. It's so nice to work as a team now that he's retired. It was a lot harder all those years where I had to do the picking and preserving. I pressure canned ten pints of the tasty legumes and washed and stored the rest in the refrigerator in a closed plastic bag. Years ago, we gleaned a bean field and came home with bushels of beans and that is when I found out that beans will wait in the refrigerator a couple of weeks without losing freshness if they have humidity and cold. That was a nice revelation because if there is an MVP of the vegetable producers, beans may be it. Whatever strain Bing plants, it keeps on producing till frost sets in. But this year I'm going to try to keep up with the beans and get as many as we need and then offer them to others when we have enough. By the way, Happy Birthday to our neice, Annemarie, there isn't a nicer forty year old around!

Crop #14 is Kohlrabi. It comes in purple and green but we like the purple skinned. This is

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