Monday, June 14, 2010

Baptized in the Spirit

It was a glorious day Sunday. Cori's mom, Linda, joined the five of us at the Baptism and service at Dan and Cori's new church, Milwaukie Presbyterian. Cori and Ben were christened to new life and both were as good as gold - angels in the flesh! It was also a day of parting but we have so many warm memories of the week with this wonderful trio, we could not grieve. We thank Dan and Cori for the week of cherished days, holding sweet Ben and knowing that he will have a wondrous life with these two parents and a life filled with love and curious adventures........I have to hurry this morning because we have to get on the road again. We're in Coos Bay, Or and we'll be heading to the two and a half acres of land that Tony and Carmen bought near Klamath Falls, Or. Our mission is to see it and take lots of pictures for them. We don't seem to be able to e-mail from these wifi sites so they won't see most of the pictures till we get back but at our next stop, we'll try to get a couple on the blog. ...........These pix are at the baptism and a view of the glorious Pacific Ocean along Highway 101!

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tony said...

did you see a Whale Lane up on the mountain as you were driving around my supposed land? That's the original name given in 1963 by the county of Klamath me if you would please, as i looked at recent sattelite images of the property and all seems to add up to it being legitimate and where i thought it was---seems there's 3 names for the road it's on since 1963--"Whale lane" Dolphin lane and "delpain lane" thanks for all your searching and photos---i found a photo on the web of the lot for sale that is 300 ft. away from our land--it said "block 10, lot 42" on the corner of night owl lane and "delpain" so i'm quite confident i didn't get the shaft in the purchase---just a matter of names switching over the years---we'll see---let me know if you saw a "whale lane" please---tony