Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tatanka, Tatanka

We're at a nice campground in Deadwood, South Dakota tonight. We went across a lot more of Nebraska today. It was called the sandhill region and that describes it pretty well. Most of the way we went side by side with the Burlington railway and we were amazed at the number of 100/car long freight trains filled with coal. Bing guesses that the coal comes from the Anaconda coal mines in Montana. I like trains. They remind me of my childhood in Chicago. My dad worked for the railway and we had free passes for anywhere the trains went. We'd wait on the platform and those huge steam engines would come right alongside of us. I held onto my Mom's hand as tight as possible. The porters were so nice and friendly, they made you feel special.....At the edge of Nebraska and right before entering South Dakota, there was a drastic change of terrain - the start of the southern half of the Black Hills. Wow, from hills of sand and scrub brush to lush evergreens, mountains and draws, long grasses and wildflowers and ads to visit various caves. We entered Wind Cave National Park and were thrilled to see twenty wild buffalo grazing and then went around the next bend and there were one hundred buffalo. Outstanding!

Our wildlife count jumped immensely and we added a whitetail deer and lots of antelope to the mix. The vultures are around too and it brings warm memories of our dinner table when our sons were teen agers. They were on that food like vultures on road kill.

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