Wednesday, June 16, 2010

We Travel On

We didn't have access to the internet last night in Wendover, Nevada, so we stopped at this Flying J truck stop where all the big semi trucks get their supplies and grease jobs, etc. It's just outside of Salt Lake City. Yesterday we started from Lakeview, Or., and traveled through southern Oregon. It is beautiful with mountains, lakes and streams peppered by wide green valleys. Tony and Carmen's land is high and varied with views of mountains all around. It is rugged terrain and full of future adventure, I'm sure. As we left Lakeview, we had a minor calamity. I guess it was a major calamity for the Mule Deer we hit but the truck only lost its left head light and running lights. We'll chalk it up to feeding the local vultures........The desert then delighted us as we drove through the dunes and scrubby brush and sand, sand, sand. Buttes and mesas sprung out of the flat land and Bing spotted three wild mules in the brush. Blue skies and curly clouds accented the picture and a Golden Eagle flew right past the truck..............Our wildlife count has increased with the eagle, the mules. chipmunks, a lizard, tumbling tumbleweed and a wee lizard. The pix are in T&C's territory.

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tony said...

thanks for the pics---beautiful and wild looking....thought dad would carve a chunk of muley deer for your dinner---exotic delicacy for a midwestern deer-lover!