Wednesday, June 2, 2010

On the Road Again

We'll have to look up the words to , "On the Road Again," because all we know is that title sentence and there must be more. But it felt good to start the trip after all the packing, planning and pondering - the three "p's" of preparation. We drove 554 miles today. It was 87 at one point and then rainy and in the sixties later. I prefer the sixties. We traversed Wisconsin and Minnesota and marvelled at the valleys and glens, bluffs and woods. I love to look at the farms and try to imagine who lives there and what stories they have to share. Every little town has a cemetery and you know there's a story at every grave. The Mississippi river itself could cough up thousands of stories at every crossing. The pix show a bridge over the Missis at Wabasha, Mn, the backwaters of the Missis and a sunset in South Dakota.

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